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2018 Nissan Armada shows how far non-luxury cars have come

by Chris Butsch
Nissan Armada

I recently reviewed a 2018 Infiniti QX80, a luxury SUV roughly the size of Iceland featuring power everything, rear TVs, and more leather than a Texas rodeo.

Imagine my surprise when Nissan let me test its less expensive, “non-luxury” equivalent, the Armada, and I find that it’s virtually the same SUV, down to the molecule. If you’re shopping for a luxury hauler, consider the Armada the “generic prescription” version of the Infiniti, offering the same ingredients for less.

Options obviously make a difference, but consider that a fully loaded Armada Platinum Reserve costs $2000 less than a base QX80.

Chris Butsch

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Catarina Brazie October 17, 2018 - 8:50 am

The number of supercars and hypercars is growing at a fast clip. That means competition for the most expensive car in the world.


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