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2019 BMW X4: Slick, Sporty Crossover

by Chris Butsch
2019 BMW X4 metallic gray

In 1999, if you asked a preschooler to draw a car, she’d probably draw a sedan. In 2019, she’d probably draw a crossover.

The crossover body style has become so popular, manufacturers are now producing trendy, coupe-like variants. BMW’s contender, the X4, is essentially a tall, AWD 4-series featuring a sloped roof, slick looks and 50 cubic feet of cargo space. Despite the added weight and taller center of mass, the X4 handles like a modern BMW should: excellently.

Comfortable and practical without losing its sporty edge, the X4 is a solid all-around Bimmer starting around $50k.

Chris Butsch

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