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2019 Cadillac CT6 is Luxury Speedboat

by Chris Butsch

Carmakers fairly assume that if you want to accelerate quickly, you probably want to corner quickly as well. For that reason, fast cars tend to have suspensions ranging from rock hard to tolerable. 

That’s why I find the Cadillac CT6 so unique and endearing. With 500 horsepower from Cadillac’s new Blackwing V8, the CT6 accelerates with the same speed as a 2019 Corvette. However, in typical Cadillac fashion, the CT6 is unspeakably smooth and comfortable. 

Cadillac’s industry-leading Super Cruise autopilot is the icing on the cake. Unlike a Tesla Model S, the CT6 can go full hands-free on the highway. 

Chris Butsch

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