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2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray Has Astounding Performance Value

by Chris Butsch

The word “Corvette” may evoke midlife crisis jokes, but the modern ‘Vette is an exceptional all-rounder that every sports car shopper should consider.

Requisitely, Chevy’s flagship offers flat cornering, breathtaking acceleration and pull-out-your-phone looks. But unlike a Ferrari, a Corvette is surprisingly comfortable, practical and dependable; It offers 29mpg highway, a smooth ride and more cargo space than a Camry.

It may not have the bourgeois interior of an AMG-GT or Porsche 911, but at $56k, a ‘Vette costs half as much.

The cherry on top? All Corvettes are convertibles; the hard top is removable.

Chris Butsch

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