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2019 Ford Mustang BULLITT is Best ‘Stang Available

by Chris Butsch
Ford Mustang Bullitt and Steve McQueen cutout

In the 1968 film “Bullitt,Steve McQueen careened through the streets of San Francisco in a Highland Green Ford Mustang. Fifty years later, Ford’s homage isn’t just a show pony or a collector’s toy; it’s the best Mustang currently for sale.

The BULLITT is essentially a fully-loaded Mustang GT with better looks, power and sound. Plus, the cue ball shifter and BULLITT etchings add a layer of charm and heritage to the interior, distracting passengers from the regular ‘Stang’s overuse of plastic.

Achingly cool, explosively loud and obscenely fun to drive, the BULLITT is everything a Mustang should be.

Chris Butsch, The Travel 100 contributor

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