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2020 Buick Encore GX is Meat-and-Three Without the Meat

by Chris Butsch
2020 Buick Encore

In most southern restaurants the side dishes are so good that you can just order three of them as a meal. Who says fried okra, mac & cheese and hashbrowns casserole isn’t enough food? 

The Encore GX reminds me of a meal made of side dishes. There’s not much “meat” here – its performance and handling are ho-hum. But the “side dishes” are delicious; virtually every option you could find on a $50,000 crossover is here for under $30k, including an overhead camera, noise-insulating glass, class-leading technology and more. 

If you want luxury for less, the Encore GX might fill you up. 

Chris Butsch, car reviewer for The Travel 100

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