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2020 Chevy Bolt Gets a Leg Up on Tesla With a Single Button

by Chris Butsch
2020 Chevy Bolt

Most electric cars have some form of regenerative braking (RB), a system that converts braking energy into bonus electric charge. In Teslas, RB activates whenever you lift your foot off the accelerator (an experience jarring to some newcomers). In competitors, you toggle RB using a steering-wheel-mounted shift lever.

But I believe Chevy got it right; the Bolt has a wheel-mounted paddle that activates RB. Unlike a toggle, you can feather the Bolt’s “brake paddle” to glide to a stop.

While the Bolt may not be as fun to drive as a supped-up Model 3, it’s certainly more engaging to stop.

Chris Butsch, contributor to The Travel 100

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