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The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is the “Kirkland Signature Car”

by Jan Schroder

Yesterday’s store-bought brands were often considered to be lesser quality products hiding behind bland labels. Today, however, Trader Joe’s and Kirkland Signature signal superior quality for less. 

That’s why I call the new Sonata the “Kirkland Signature Car.” Hyundai’s stylish midsized sedan offers virtually everything you could want from a “name-brand” car for 30% less; looks, comfort, luxury, sportiness, 50mpg and more. Best of all, the soundproof doors close with an aristocratic, Bentley-esque whump

I’d urge anyone shopping for a $50k+ luxury sedan to test drive the new Sonata and ask yourself; what’s missing that I’d pay another $20k for? 

Chris Butsch

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