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2021 Lexus LX 570 Eventually Grew on Me

by Jan Schroder
Lexus LS 500

My first impressions of the Lexus flagship SUV, the LX, weren’t great. The odd, hockey puck infotainment controls felt clunky at best, and the V8 seemingly came out of a ’70s Pontiac – barely pulling me along as it guzzled 13 mpg. 

But half a tank later, the LX started growing on me. Its five drive modes (ECO, COMFORT, NORMAL, SPORT, SPORT S+) all have distinct personalities, it’s comfy, and it’s safe. 

Most of all, I realized that it’s probably the only three-row luxury SUV that will last past 300,000 miles with regular maintenance – so even at $95k, it’s a good investment. 

Chris Butsch

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