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2021 Mazda CX-30 Solidifies Mazda as Affordable Luxury Brand

by Chris Butsch
silver mazda CX-30

Remind me – what exactly separates the Mazda CX-30 from luxury German rivals that cost twice as much? Is it a leather-trimmed interior? A turbocharged engine? Doors that close with an aristocratic whump?

Well, the CX-30 has all these things and more. Plus, it’s a joy to drive – Mazda’s slogan jinbai ittai, loosely translated to horse and rider as one, shines through as the scrappy CX-30 confidently handles corners like a much shorter car.

For barely over $30k, the CX-30’s higher trims add premium audio, power liftgate, and a slick 360-degree camera. Which begs the question – why pay more for luxury?

Chris Butsch, car reviewer for The Travel 100

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