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2021 Toyota Venza Oozes Beauty and Refinement

by Jan Schroder
Toyota Venza 2021

Let’s say you want a crossover that’s luxurious inside and out, gets 40mpg, and starts under $33k. Too much to ask?

Not anymore, says Toyota. The Venza name returns, this time as a chic, urban crossover with a hybrid powertrain and some seriously drop-dead gorgeous looks. My press loaner has been mistaken for a Jaguar or a Lexus all week – and not one person believed it cost a penny below $50k.

The Venza’s beauty isn’t just skin deep – I was impressed by the smooth ride and high MPG. As much as I like the RAV4, I’ll have this instead, thanks.

Chris Butsch, car reviewer for The Travel 100

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