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How to Get a Bird’s Eye View of Sydney

by Katie Dundas
Sydney Bridge in Australia at twilight

If there’s one place in life I never expected to find myself, it’s balanced precariously on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 meters above the harbour below. Hooked on to the bridge by a climber’s lead, I scan the crystal clear blue sky, completely free of clouds, providing a literal bird’s eye view of the city.

Bridge Climb Sydney is an incredibly unique experience, allowing visitors to physically climb the frame of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and experience one of Australia’s most scenic vistas. I’ll never forget the thrill, and it makes for a quintessential Sydney experience for adventurers.

– Katie Dundas

Katie Dundas is a freelance travel writer and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She can often be found diving, hiking, or exploring Sydney, or planning her next trip. For more on Sydney adventures, check out her blog, The Accidental Australian

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