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Stay Sane, Healthy Using MESH

by Jan Schroder
girl doing yoga

For many of us, the pandemic is causing stress, sleep cycle disruptions and mounting mental and physical issues. But even during shelter-at-home, you can recalibrate your health and happiness by practicing MESH.

Meditation: Each morning, take a 5-second breath in, 5-second breath out, five times.
Exercise: Keep your immune system strong with a rotating schedule of yoga, weights and cardio, outdoors if possible.
Sleep: If stress or excess energy are keeping you up, consider melatonin supplements and exercising harder to wind down.
Hydration: find a 32-ounce bottle and drink it twice daily.

Learn more about MESH in my TEDx talk.

Chris Butsch, TedX speaker and author of Making Happiness: Kickstart a Productive, Fulfilling and Happy Life

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