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Amazingly Fun Things to Do in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Our New Favorite Beach

by Jan Schroder
chris schroder on bike on hugh branyon bike trail

“I really love this place,” my husband, Chris said, for about the third time. “I had no idea there are so many fun things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama.”

Growing up in Atlanta, his family went to Atlantic Coast beaches like St. Simons. My family grew up going to Florida beaches, packing up our family of five, (and one memorable year our basset hound – not a positive experience for anybody) for a week of sand and surf.

Going to a beach in Alabama? Wouldn’t have entered our minds. But now I’ve added Gulf Shores, Alabama, and neighboring Orange Beach to our list of beach destinations.

About 5.5 hours from our home in Atlanta, coincidentally about the same amount of time to travel to St. Simons or the beaches of 30A, these beaches are a fairly easy drive for several of the Southeastern states and draw a lot of Midwesterners and international visitors as well.

If a family-friendly vacation spot with snow-white beaches, a variety of fun restaurants with fabulous food and enough outdoor activities to keep you occupied away from the beach, then Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are perfect vacation spots for you.

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See our short video on Gulf Shores.

#1 Reason to Go to Gulf Shores: Gorgeous Beaches

view of beach and condo buildings at Gulf Shores, Alabama
The sand on the beaches is so powdery, with packed sand areas good for walking and biking.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time on beaches from Bora Bora to Belize, and the shores on the Gulf Coast are the most beautiful in the world. A bonus to the beaches here is that the tide doesn’t change a whole lot, so there’s little danger of losing your beach bucket or sandals if you set off for a long walk. The waves tend to be on the smaller side, unless a storm is a’coming.

If you’re looking for a rowdy spring break destination, look elsewhere. Throngs of kids were making their way here, setting up giant canopies and hosting huge parties until the beach resembled the infield at a NASCAR race.

But these beaches pride themselves on their family-friendly atmosphere and didn’t take kindly to the often-intoxicated crowds. What does it take to end spring breakers? Post a “no alcohol” sign on the beach, enforce the policy and you’ll soon find the college kids have moved on.

If you’ve ever seen a prettier beach, I’d like to hear about it.

So now you’ll see “no alcohol” signs on the beaches in Gulf Shores, but word has it that’s only enforced several weeks in the spring. What is enforced year-round is the “no tents, no canopies” policy, so be prepared to shield yourself from the sun with umbrellas instead.

It’s lovely to lounge on these sandy shores, but it’s not all about the beach here as there is so much else to do. You can navigate through past celebrities’ homes on your own cat boat, bike through miles of trees and waterways in a state park, golf on one of 16 courses, learn to blow glass, slurp down the world’s best milkshake, feed baby alligators, enjoy a beverage during a sunset cruise and even ride a mechanical bull.

Best Restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

view of diners at picnic tables at The Gulf in Orange Beach, Alabama
Stopping at The Gulf for lunch is the perfect way to start, or end, a Gulf Shores vacation. (Photo courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

Our first stop on the way in was The Gulf where we enjoyed tacos and tuna at a picnic table right on the beach after placing an order at one of the blue shipping containers. Nothing puts you in a beach frame of mine faster than a sip of a cool beverage with your feet in the sand.

fish sandwich and fries on a picnic table at The Gulf in Orange Beach, Alabama
Enjoy fish sandwich and fries with an ocean view. (Photo courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

Whether it’s seafood, steaks, acai bowls or decadent milk shakes, you’ll find plenty of places to eat, one of my favorite things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

For our first meal we headed to Woodside Restaurant, located in Gulf State Park and the perfect place to grab a bite prior to jumping on the free bikes just outside the restaurant.

It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can choose to sit in the inside space, on a large screened porch or in the outside area, which has games and a stage for live music.

That night we went DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen, where we tried the royal red shrimp, a local favorite, trigger fish, shrimp and oysters in the colorful dining room. It was the beginning of my husband’s goal to down as many oysters as possible in Gulf Shores.

shrimp dish at DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen
Shrimp lovers trio at DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen.

So when he spotted Sea N Suds right below our condo, I knew where we’d be going for a pre-game snack for him. If you’ve ever been to Gulf Shores, you’ve seen this restaurant, which juts out into the water. It started in 1975, which is how I assume they were able to build right on the water. He loved his oysters and I enjoyed watching the sun set.

The next day brought more oyster’s at Doc’s Seafood Shack, which has been serving up fried seafood and more since 1984, and claims to have the best fried shrimp in the civilized world. More oysters and fried shrimp were consumed.

A cute young server made it a point to touch my husband’s shoulder and smile at him every time she walked by. “It adds a nice touch to the meal,” he said. When she saw that I pulled out the credit card to pay, I got a shoulder tap too.

For lunch one day we opted to check out Flora-Bama Yacht Club, right on the water and across the street from the famous Flora-Bama. (More on that later.)The food was fine, but I think it’s more a place you go for the atmosphere with a huge beach area and live music.

You can pull right up in your boat and hop off. And if you catch any fish you can take it there and they’ll cook it up for you.

For fancy coffee drinks and really inexpensive breakfast sandwiches try Southern Shores Coffee. They also serve chicken and turkey plates and croissants for lunch. Everything is under $7.

If you have overloaded on seafood, try Carver’s Steakhouse where you’ll find fried lobster tail, bacon wrapped quail and Louisiana crab cakes in addition to steaks.

sushi roll at Big Fish
We didn’t eat all fried seafood! The sushi at Big Fish was delicious.

Our nicest, most elegant meal was at Big Fish. We had amazing sushi and a fried lobster tail to start, then moved onto scallops and a trigger fish special. How we managed a dessert after that I’m not sure, but we enjoyed sharing a slice of key lime pie.

I’ve never seen a more family-friendly restaurant than The Hangout. Mom and dad can, well, hang out, at the outdoor picnic tables while kids play in the huge sand area or challenge each other with the courtyard games. 

There’s plenty of fun for adults every day as well, and The Hangout hosts tons of events, including an oyster cook-off and the hugely popular music festival Hangout Fest, held every May right on the beach. On the menu, you’ll find burgers and Gulf Coast favorites like fish tacos, jambalaya and shrimp.

ginger tuna salad at Cosmos
The tuna salad with ginger dressing at Cosmos is one of my favorite dishes in Gulf Shores.

Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar is in a cozy courtyard that also contains a beer and wine shop, a pet-focused gift shop and is adjacent to another restaurant and a coffee shop, all owned by Brian and Jodi Harsany, who name the establishments after their pets.

There’s plenty of indoor seating in a series of small, brightly colored rooms, but our group dined al fresco, with just about every one of us ordering the best tuna poke salad I’ve ever had. An order of the firecracker shrimp as an appetizer satisfied my hankering for shrimp.

Try the grilled crab cake, fish tacos, pastas, steaks or shrimp and grits while enjoying the beach view at Bills by the Beach which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The open-air Turtle Bar is the place to enjoy an extended happy hour, which runs from 1-7. For a real eye-opener try the unbelievable Bloody Mary.

It’s a bit of drive, but you’ll enjoy the fine dining and elegant atmosphere at Coast at the Beach Club. It’s worth it for the seafood and steak dishes created by award-winning Executive Chef John Hamme. Check out the sushi bar as well.

For a laid-back atmosphere, and live music, head to Big Beach Brewing Company. Order your beers then take a seat in the open-air taproom with a fireplace for the cooler months. A courtyard out front has plenty of seating, a large swing hung from a tree, and a small stage for music.

Get your acai on at Soul Bowlz. Somehow, I’d never tried an acai bowl. But I’m hooked now after trying one at SoulBowlz where they are made to order from all-natural ingredients with no dairy or processed sugars.

I opted for the Mind, made with hemp granola, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almond slices and honey. I was enjoying the heck of out it, putting any thought of calorie count out of my mind, when the owner Laurie McElroy told us the bowls have less than 400 calories. Score!

How can you not smile just looking at these amazing milkshakes from The Yard? (Photo courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

Taste the yummiest, most decadent and possibly the most photographed milkshakes on the planet at The Yard Milkshake Bar. Your sugar high can last for months after indulging in the most amazing milkshakes I’ve ever seen. If you can put aside any worries about calories, you’ll find it’s one of the most fun things to do in Gulf Shores

How about these for just a few of the toppings you can choose? A cupcake, donut or a piece of cheesecake – on top of the milkshake. You’ve never seen anything like it. Be prepared for the long lines as customers flock here to try these concoctions, some even traveling to Gulf Shores for a weekend just to taste one.

Chelsea and Logan Green own The Yard, and after an appearance on Shark Tank, share the ownership with Shark Mark Cuban.

Chelsea told us she uses high-quality chocolate and high butterfat ice cream that costs more, but results in a better product. Choose from one of the specialty shakes, like the Caramel Cheesecake Cookie Monster, or build you own with an almost-infinite variety of toppings.

Other Gulf Shores favorites include Anchor Bar & Grill, Fishers at Orange Beach Marina and The Original Oyster House Boardwalk, which has a view of the water from its location on Mobile Bay.

You’ve got to try Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s, a family favorite, but go before you’re too hungry as wait times can be up to two hours. Yes, she’s related to that Buffet, she’s Jimmy’s sister.

Fun Things to Do Outdoors in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

kayakers in gulf shores, alabama
Kayak tours are one of the most popular and fun
things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

A funny thing happened to my husband and me recently: we both came to the realization that we didn’t enjoy hanging on the beach for days on end as much as we used to. All we needed for a week-long vacation in the past was a beach chair and a good book, but now both enjoy more time away from the beach enjoying more active pursuits.

But we’d need more than a week. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have more outdoor activities than anyone could enjoy in just one week. We do love getting out on the water any chance we get, and I was thrilled at the variety of water activities at these Alabama beaches.

Here’s a few we enjoyed, along with several others added to the list to pursue on the next trip.

Rent a kayak with Gogo KayaksOne of the owners, Tami Woerner, took our group out paddling on Bon Secours Bay. The water was calm, but we saw plenty of activity. Nearby fisherman attracted dozens of pelicans begging for a treat and a pod of dolphins was close to the shore gathering its early-evening meal.

Gogo Kayaks’ main business is delivering kayaks and paddle boards to your home or condo. Select what you want before your vacation and when you arrive, your equipment is waiting for you for a day or an entire week. Rentals include life jacket and paddles.

cat boat at dock in gulf shores
I had a blast piloting a cat boat.

Drive your own small craft on a tour with Orange Beach Cat Boat Tour. Wondering what a cat boat is? We were as well until our group hopped on board these small craft, two by two, and after donning ponchos and receiving a safety and operations lesson from company owner Kent Daily, set off to explore the inland waters.

We were equipped with walkie-talkies (do they still call them that?) so as I drove the boat, my friend Nicky was our communications officer so we could hear Ken point out homes of interest and direct us through the waterways.

As we cruised past Ono Island, a 5.5-mile-long barrier island, he told us it was private and gated, where many celebrities have or once had homes. These reportedly include Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffett, Britney Spears and Madonna.

Kent had mentioned the top speed of our cat boat was 25 mph, but when I had that throttle pushed all the way down, we felt like we were zooming much faster, as warm waves splashed over our feet and drops of water hit us, making us thankful for the ponchos. The two-hour tour flew by and was a blast.

wild hearts catamaran

Sadly, we missed our sunset cruise with Wild Hearts’ Sunset Cruise due to high winds and a small craft advisory. Other cruises on these 53-foot catamaran include a Dolphins & Angels Sailing Adventure, Snorkel & Sail Tour, Kayak Adventure Snorkel Sail and Family Adventure Sail. We’ll make it next time.

If you prefer to motor though the trail, sign up for a Segway tour with Coastal Segway Adventures. After your short lesson, hop on your own Segway for a two-hour tour through the trails.

During our most recent visit to Gulf Shores, it was way too windy to walk on the beach. Fortunately, we had a fantastic alternative – exploring the forest and dunes at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, which  was established to protect migratory songbirds by preserving their habitat. Turtles are also protected on the 7,000 acres of coastal land. Begin your trip at the Visitors Center where you can get maps of the many trails and find out about guided tours and education programs.

Because it introduces children to other terrain beyond the beach, this is one of our top choices of things to do in Gulf Shore with family.

structure in Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge
A place to rest with fantastic views in Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge.

You can fish on Gator Lake, launch your canoe or kayak, or hike to viewing areas optimal for viewing wildlife. In addition to a variety of birds, you can spot alligators, armadillos, red fox and bobcats.

You’re guaranteed to spot animals at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, where more than 500 animals make their home. Enjoy keeper talks, seasonal animal encounters and animal shows.  The llama’s behavior is announced on a whiteboard with the message “I have not spit on my keeper in ___ days.”

You know what you’re in for when you visit Alligator Alleywhere you can view more than 450 of these thick-skinned creatures who have been brought to this natural habitat here after being rescued from other places. Walk along an elevated platform to view many of them as they sun themselves or just hang out being gators, then head indoors to the gator station where you can have a close encounter with one and shoot an envy-inducing selfie. If you’re there during feeding times – at 11, 1 and 4 – you can even feed one yourself.

We spent a delightful afternoon peddling through some of the seven trails of the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail in Gulf State Park on bicycles that are available for no charge inside the park and was at the top of our list of favorite free things to do in Gulf Shores.

bikes and people on boardwalk in Gulf shores, alabama
A bike tour in Gulf State Park was one of my favorite things to do in Gulf Shores.

We biked along an extended boardwalk over wetlands, swamps and through wooded areas, and spotted one alligator in a small pond patiently waiting to capture its breakfast and another, a resident gator named Lefty, sunning itself alongside a marshy bank (kept off the path by chicken wire.)

Other attractions and activities in the park include a butterfly garden, Boulder Park, geocaching, eco tours, pier walks, snake encounters, owl encounters, star gazing, alligator adventures and kayak tours.

Paddle boarders can hit the waves with Gulf Coast Paddle Company. Sign up for rentals, lessons or tours. If you’re a novice, get a lesson and you’ll be on the water in no time.

More tours are available with WildNative Tours. Sign up for one of the dolphin cruises or wildlife kayak experience or have a private boat charter if you have 10 people.

For a bird’s eye view, several companies offer parasailing and paragliding activities and fisherman can find plenty of fishing charters or can fish right off of Gulf State Park Pier, also an excellent place to catch a sunset or just stroll along the 1,000-foot pier for other spectacular views. Divers and snorkelers can find several companies that will take them out to explore the surrounding waters.

Who doesn’t love a water park. Head to Waterville USA to float on the lazy river, take a shot at surfing on the Flowrider. and plunge down water slides with names like Screamin’ Demon, Jet Stream and Triple Dog Dare. There is also an amusement park with plenty of indoor activities if you’ve had too much sun or encounter a rainy day. There’s an escape house, mini golf, go kart racing, trampoline and the Gulf Coast’s largest game room.

With 16 golf courses in the area, there’s plenty of places to tee up in all year long in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, including those designed by Arnold Palmer, Jerry Pate and Earl Stone.

If you’re into forts and military history, check out Fort Morgan, the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864 and has been a historic site since 1946. Originally called Fort Bowyer, it was built in 1813 for protection against the British.

Shopping and Rainy-Day Activities in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The Coastal Arts Center has art exhibitions, glass-blowing studio and gorgeous water views from the back.

Because it’s on the Alabama Gulf Coast it’s going to rain sometimes, usually for a bit in the afternoon. No need to sit around your place, or let your kids immerse themselves in their electronics. Here are several ideas to maximize those inclement days.

Learn to blow glass in the hot shop, throw pottery in the clay studio and view art of local artists at the Coastal Art Center.

Ride a Ferris wheel, play mini golf, check out local shops and restaurants or fly through the sky on the Hummingbird Ziplines at The WharfI scored some nice necklaces at a few small shops for less than $15 each.

It’s a beach town, so there are plenty of places to grab those tacky, I mean, fun souvenirs, including Alvin’s Island and Souvenir City right next to each other. The Tanger Outlets are in nearby Foley with stores like J. Crew, T.J. Maxx, Coach and Kate Spade. Close by is Pelican Place with large retail shops like Target and Bed, Bed & Beyond. This is the place to catch a movie, at Cobb Pinnacle 14 with a wall-to-wall screen and cushy rocking chairs to sit back and relax.

If you’re looking for things to do in Gulf Shores at night, SanRoc Entertainment District has a few local shops and boutiques as well as a marina, restaurants and a spa.

The One Adult Attraction You Have to Visit – Tops the Charts as One of the Most Fun Things to Do in Gulf Shores. Or Anywhere.

We enjoyed a Bushwacker during an afternoon visit to Flora-Bama.

You don’t have to go far to find a bar in Gulf Shores, with several of the more notable ones in the restaurants listed above. But for the true Alabama beach experience, you gotta visit the iconic Flora-Bama Lounge, Package and Oyster Bar, which has been called America’s last great roadhouse and the best beach bar in the world.

Opened in 1964 as a lounge and package store, the name comes from its location on the border of Florida and Alabama. After the bar took a major hit from Hurricane Ivan, the owners decided to rebuild entirely, with the result being a huge complex with a series of large rooms on several levels that include five stages of live music and several bars.

We opted for a more sedate afternoon visit. After grabbing one of the famous Bushwackers from the bar, we sat outside overlooking the water. A Bushwacker is an adult milkshake that packs in the alcohol and the calories. [See a recipe for Flora-Bama’s Bushwacker below.]

On a previous visit we went  on a Saturday night with our first inkling of its popularity the blinking lights of the patrol cop and the line of cars stopped way down the road. We hit it on a special night as a rodeo had been set up in the parking lot next door. After paying the cover charge we made our way through the labyrinth of crowded rooms, noting the hundreds of bras strewn along the rafters while enjoying the sounds of live music. When crowds are at their peak you’ll find up to 24 bars.

stage with musicians at Flora-Bama in Gulf Shores
One of the live music stages at Flora-Bama. (Photo courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

Girls in cut-off shorts and cowboy boots mingled with blue-jean clad young men, but what’s notable is there are guests of all ages – no need to feel out of place if you’re over 30. You can ride listen to live music, ride a mechanical bull, head out to the beach and stick you face in a cut-out.

Flora-Bama functions as a kind of community center, with potluck dinners, appearances by the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus who skydive in, and church services every Sunday morning.

Its most famous event is the annual Mullet Toss, held every Mullet Toss, held every April and called the world’s largest beach party. It’s exactly what it sounds like – you take a dead fish and throw it as far as you can throw it. You aren’t allowed to wear gloves and techniques vary, from folding the fish to sticking your thumb in its eyeball for a better grip. There was even a short movie made about it called Deadliest Throw.

Where to Stay in Gulf Shores, Alabama

exterior view of Sea Winds condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama
We stayed at Sea Winds condo building, which had large balconies and chairs with umbrellas on the beach.

While there are some hotels, condo and house rentals dominate here. For our most recent visit, we stayed at Sea Winds Condos booked through Beachball Properties, a local vacation rental management company.

The location was great, close to everything we wanted to do. We loved the spacious condo, its furnishings and large balcony. And who doesn’t love a kitchen island that has a beach view?

The condo building has a pool, hot tub and large fitness room with exercise equipment overlooking the beach. There were plenty of covered parking spaces so we never had a problem finding a place to park.

For more information, visit Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism.

– By Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief
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Flora-Bama Bushwacker Recipe

Flora-Bama didn’t invent the Bushwacker – that happened on St. Thomas in 1975 – but has adopted it as a signature drink. Stroll around and you’ll find dozens of people carrying the milkshake in a plastic cup of a cherry on top.

They don’t share their recipe, but this is considered a close replica.

Makes 2 cocktails

1 tablespoon light rum
1 tablespoon spiced rum
1 tablespoon Kahlua
1 tablespoon amaretto
2 tablespoons Crème de Cacao
3 scoops vanilla ice cream

Milk if needed

Cherries for garnish

Chocolate syrup – optional

Fill a blender halfway with ice. Add first five ingredients and blend, then add ice cream. If it is too thick you can thin it down with a little bit of milk.

Squirt some chocolate syrup on the sides of the glass to make it look pretty, if desired. Pour drink into glass and top with a cherry.

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