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Gift Ideas For Every Traveler In Your Life This Holiday Season

by Jan Schroder
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We’ve found travel-related gifts to help you listen to music, exercise a new way, print favorite photos, stay warm and work out those cramps and kinks you may pick up on the road.

At the top of my list is a portable telescope to take on hikes, see the stars at night and take to the theater to get a closer look at the action.

Check out our stocking stuffers and our related story “20 Amazing Gifts for $20 and Under” for those smaller gifts you may need this holiday season.

We wish you a joyous and healthy holiday season.

telescope with smart phone holder

Telescope with Smart Phone Holder and Tripod

This compact telescope is perfect for hiking, birdwatching and to use at music festivals for a better view of the action up front. $79.99 on Amazon.

LG tone noise cancelling earbuds

LG Tone Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

I’ve never had a pair of wireless earbuds but after trying these I’m a convert. I love the sound quality and how easy these LG Ton Free FP8 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are to use and to carry along with me when I travel. And the charging case uses UV-C light to kill bacteria on the speaker mesh.  $119 on Amazon.

woman with octomoves rope on beach


Rope flow is a way to exercise that improves joint health, mobility, cardio and can help reduce stress. And it’s done with weighted ropes specially designed by a professional surfing coach and fitness trainer, Rokas Bakstys. I love that you can throw it in a suitcase and keep fit on the road. Four types of ropes are available starting at $70.

cover of New Yorker holiday jigsaw puzzle

Holiday-Themed New Yorker Puzzles

My favorite jigsaw puzzles are ones made from the colorful New Yorker covers. This Christmas-themed one would be fun to do with the family at the holidays. Plus, it’s the most snow I’ll see at Christmas. $22 on Amazon.

Twig Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Here is a second pair of earbuds to consider, the new Twig Pro from Oddict. Four mics block up to 98% of ambient noise and this pair has the sleekest design of any earbuds we’ve ever seen. I listened to a podcast with them and felt like I was in the room with the podcasters. $149.

woman wearing scarf

Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf with Insect Shield

This lightweight scarf is pretty, easily packable and has odorless bug repellant to help keep pesky insects away. It comes in four colors for $48 on Amazon.

kodak instant photo printer

Kodak Instant Photo Printer

I remember waiting weeks for film I mailed off to come back as prints. Now you can print 4” 6” photos with this instant printer on high-quality paper through a Bluetooth connection. Use a free Kodak app to add stickers, frames and filters. The dock plus 10 sheets is $136.99 on Amazon.

national park bucket journal

National Park Bucket Journal

How I dream of filling this journal with memories of all 63 national parks, including our newest one, New River Gorge National Park.  The journal is divided into seven regions, then alphabetically by state. Each park has a two-page spread where you can take notes on your trip, view maps and learn more about visiting. $39 on Amazon.

Skinnytees Reversible Wrap

This reversible wrap will keep you warm in the car or on the plane and flips from black to a burnt orange color. Wear a belt around it for a more fitted look. $72.

Osmo detective agency game

Osmo Detective Agency Game

Kids will love playing detective with this STEM game that combines pieces like a magnifying glass and maps with the game on an IPad for them to learn about geography, culture and history.

$72.62 for game and iPad base on Amazon.

child with Jooki music and story player

Jooki kid’s music and story player

Get your kids to step away from screens with the award-winning Jooki speaker that streams Spotify music and audio books through Wifi and Bluetooth. Kids use tokens and figurines to operate it themselves with no parental supervision needed. It’s designed for ages 3 and up and is $139.99.


The Original Worm

Made of rubber balls encased in a neoprene cover, this portable massage roller is great to use at home and on the road. I’d even take in on long flights to relieve my muscles on a plane. Roll out tight muscles on your neck, legs, arms, feet, wherever you need it. The Original Worm comes in two sizes in black or pink for $24 or $32 on Amazon.

woman with baby in bouncer

Baby Delight Alpine Portable Baby Bouncer

Your baby can play, bounce and recline in three positions in this baby bouncer with organic fabric and detachable toy bar. It’s lightweight, folds flat and comes with a carry bag so it’s great for travel. It comes in four colors with prices starting at $78 on Amazon.

man, woman and child on picnic blanket

Heat Holders

This collection of mittens, hats, gloves, socks and other accessories for men, women and children are so warm and soft, making them perfect for holiday gifts when the weather is cold. Their thermal socks are almost 40% warmer than others. I’ve included the insulated thermal leggings on my Christmas list and they are just $14.99. Prices start at $11.99 on Amazon.

schumacher lithium jump starter

Lithium Jump Starter

Any motorist will love these new lithium ion jump starters from Schumacher that start a dead battery using pre-heating technology to warm batters in the cold. They come with a variety of amps and features. Starting at $89 on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers We Love


This cute pack holds six 100% organic cotton tissue, saving our planet from hundreds of throwaway ones. $24 on Amazon.

apex protein sticks

Apex Protein Snacks

Santa will be slipping these into stockings at my house this year. These snack sticks come in several flavors and have no sugar or added fillers. $25 for 12 sticks on Amazon.

Bug Bite Thing

You’ll never itch from a bug bite again if you have one of these. They really work and have saved me with my constant battle with mosquitos. $9.95 for one on Amazon.

This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase through one we get a small commission at no additional charge to you. We only recommend items we have enjoyed or think our readers will like.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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