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The Greenbank Hotel: A Crows Nest in Falmouth Cornwall England

by Mary Charlebois
View from crows nest room at The Greenbank Hotel

Falmouth Harbor stretched before me. Blue and red dinghies, white sailboats, passenger ferries and fishing vessels moored in neat rows. In the distance, behemoth ships unloaded cargo. Seabirds called, soared and plunged. A water taxi’s shrill whistle sounded. The Flushing Ferry docked.

My room at The Greenbank was a crows nest. From the cobalt-blue chair in the bay window, I watched shifting scenes of water, boats, weather, wildlife and people.

In Greenbank’s restaurant and pub, I had the same spectacular view while relishing hook-to-mouth seafood and local libations. Ten-minutes by foot: shops, pubs and the ferry pier beckoned my inner explorer.

Mary Charlebois is a freelance journalist and photographer based in coastal Northern California. No matter where she’s wandering, she digs in, getting to know people, history, food, and art.

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