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Walking Behind a Waterfall in Iceland

by Kerrie-Anne Riles
Rainbows in the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall with Your Day Tours in Iceland

At Seljalandsfoss, situated on the South Coast of Iceland, we walked behind this huge waterfall! The icy water originates from the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull (nicknamed E15 because no one other than Icelanders can pronounce it) that last erupted in 2010.

Generating thunderous noise, the water cascades down the mountain, then free falls 60 meters in front of the cave creating a curtain of water. With the sun shining and spray wafting all around us we were treated to several full rainbows. Between photographs we cuddled our cameras inside our waterproof jackets to protect them from the dense spray that permeated the air.

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Kerrie-Anne Riles is an Australian freelance travel writer currently living in Peru. She has lived in seven different countries and travels extensively.

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