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Meet Baby Alligators, Fish for Piranha, Climb a Tree, Sleep in a Bungalow on Stilts in the Rainforest

by Jan Schroder
Juma Amazon Lodge

It may be one of the most remote lodges in the world. At this rainforest retreat you can sleep in one of 19 bungalows built on stilts to accommodate the rising water levels of the wet season.

They each have a private bathroom with solar hot water, ceiling fans and porches with hammocks. Amenities include restaurant, bar and pool.

Guests spend their days learning about the rainforest during jungle hikes, canoeing, bird watching or visiting local residents to learn about their way of life.

Feel adventurous? You can hike in the jungle at night and sleep over in a hammock.

Juma Amazon Lodge is deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, about 62 miles from Manaus. Guests fly into Eduardo Gomes International Airport and reach the Lodge by taking a free transfer.

entrance to Juma Amazon Lodge
The entrance to Juma Amazon Lodge.
Every bungalow has a porch with a hammock. There are 19 bungalows – six of them have forest views, 12 are on the Juma River and one has a panoramic view.
One of the bedrooms at Juma Amazon Lodge
a view from the deck of a bungalow at Juma Amazon Lodge
A view of the Juma River
restaurant at Juma Amazon Lodge
The restaurant at Juma Amazon Lodge where meals are served buffet-style.
pool at Juma Amazon Lodge.
The pool borders the Juma River for beautiful views. Guests can also enjoy swimming in the river.
Guest boat at Juma Amazon Lodge
The boat that transports guests.
hike through the rainforest
Guests participate in group activities during the day.
kayaker on Juma River
Kayaking on the Juma River
climbing trees in the Amazon Rainforest
This isn’t the kind of tree climbing you did as a child.
Dessana tribe in Brazil
Guests visit the local Dessana tribe, view their huts and watch them perform a show.
night boat tour on Juma River
A night boat tour on the Juma River.
sunset over Juma River in Brazil
The sunsets are magnificent.

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