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Two Most Amazing Parthenon Views in Athens, Greece

by Lisa Truesdale
views of the Parthenon in Greece

Like most (or perhaps all?) visitors to Athens, Greece, I dutifully trekked up the hill to the ancient Acropolis. And, like the throngs of tourists as far as my eyes could see, I stood in awe before the Parthenon. Then I walked around it, trying to see it from all angles, and the experience almost took my breath away.

But my most unforgettable views of the Parthenon happened at a distance—from two different rooftop bars. The Hotel Grande Bretagne and A Is for Athens both offer decadent cocktails, tasty snacks, and stunning vistas that definitely took my breath away.

– Lisa Truesdale is a freelance writer based in Colorado. She writes regularly about travel and tourism, food and drink, and healthy living topics for a variety of regional, national, and international publications.

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