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Plan, Pack, Post, Play With 10 Amazing Travel Apps

by Jan Schroder
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I lived without my smartphone for two weeks last year when the screen was being replaced. I felt vulnerable, out-of-touch and unproductive and wanted to hunker down under my covers in my bed until I could get it fixed. How was I supposed to navigate the city, check into my next flight or summon a Lyft? During that time my husband and I took a road trip to North Carolina and rather than catch up on work emails, find the nearest Quik Trip or post to Instagram, I had to actually talk to him! It made me miss these 10 amazing travel apps more than ever. 

Packpoint. We’ll never forget our underwear again with this app that creates packing lists based on length of trip, weather and activities.

For some good packing tips, see the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist.  Here’s my favorite tip – a way to Marie Kondo your suitcase: “Before you put an item in your luggage: Do you really, really, really need it? Spread everything out on the floor in front of you, pick each item up individually, feel its weight, look at its size and ask yourself, ‘Can I live without it, can I hire or buy it whilst I am away, or does it ‘deserve’ to be placed in my bag?'” 

Skyscanner. Get the best prices on flights, hotels and car rentals.

WeatherBug. In addition to the usual weather info, this app tells you the air quality, pollen count and has a live radar map.

Mapify. This social travel planner lets you search any destination and see travel reviews, get directions and plan itineraries.

Postagram. Creates custom postcards.

Waze. This is the most used app on my phone whether I’m traveling or not.

Tripit. My personal travel assistant in an app.

Hotels Tonight.  Use this app to find deals on hotels. We used it to find a great hotel for around $100 in San Francisco, one of the pricier places for hotels in the country.

Airhelp.  If your flight is delayed or cancelled you may be eligible for compensation. This app will help you find out if you’re eligible for any compensation. And if you have boarding passes for prior flights you can check those too to see if you are eligible.

TripAdvisor. I know some of the reviews are fake, and I do sometimes get sucked in to spending too much time on them, but I still like this site a lot.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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