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We’re Not Going Anywhere. But We’re Sending Our Best Wishes With Our Postcards From Home

by Jan Schroder
image for postcards from home

As we participate in the Great International Shut-in, we noticed people posting beautiful photos from their neighborhoods. We asked if we could make them into postcards and share them with our readers.

We’ve got sunsets in Mississippi, Florida and New Jersey, spring flowers in Houston, the beach in Hawaii, snow in Chicago, a super moon in Atlanta and mist over the mountains in Virginia.

Join Kevin as he takes high tea in his backyard in England (check out his cake stand!), Betsie as she relaxes under a 500-year-old oak tree in Pass Christian and a few of our animal friends.

Have a photo from your home to share? Send it to jan@the100companies.com and we may run it in a future issue.


People in Hawai’i generally have taken shelter in place seriously. Exemptions include outings for farmers markets, grocery stores, to-go food, med/drugs, hardware & exercise.

At beaches we can surf, swim, paddle, run, or walk but now is NOT time for lollygagging under current state & county protective orders.

– Brian Zimmerman, Kauai

Shell Beach Drive is famously known to have the most gorgeous, historic houses in Southwest Louisiana.

My favorite home was recently opened up as a bed and breakfast. It was built in 1925 by Rudolph and Della Krause, now owned by Kathryn and Drew Hoffpauir, Sr. 

– Kathryn Shea Duncan, Lake Charles

postcard of coastal Mississippi

Here is one of our famously stunning Coastal Mississippi sunsets, taken from Front Beach in Ocean Springs looking out to the Ocean Springs-Biloxi Bridge and the City of Biloxi on the other side.

I have seen so many incredible sunsets here, and they never cease to amaze me. I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

– Anna Roy

It’s starting to seem like a long flight.  At first the flight is uncomfortable, but as you get closer to landing, the seat is more like a nest. You don’t know what chaos and challenges await when you land in a strange place. And we’re all going to a new an unexplored place.  I think it’s going to be amazing! Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  

– Rich Grant


Greetings from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park (GGP), which just celebrated its 150th anniversary. I’m lucky enough that the park’s “panhandle” is right outside my door—a wonderfully peaceful place to decompress when the goings-on of today start to seem overwhelming. One thing I’ve noticed: the wildlife is out in droves!

XO Laura Kiniry, @laurajkin 

postcard of dog

Here’s a picture of Joy, my little mental health bomb. She reminds me to exercise every day, and she doesn’t read the news so she’s always in a good mood. 

– Chris Butsch

postcard of chicago, illinois

Spring snow outside our front door in suburban Chicago.

– Kathy Rodeghier

postcard from Strood England

Proving afternoon tea during furlough should not see standards slide.

I made the cake stand from old 78 records and furlough time.

– Kevin Willis

postcard of deer

We are fortunate to run our travel sites, Fun in Fairfax VA and McCool Travel, from home. Our backyard borders a stream, providing a natural pathway for wildlife that lives in the woods. I spied this young deer strolling past our window one morning. It is just beginning to lose its furry winter coat as warm weather returns.

Julie and Charles McCool

postcard of full moon

This is the supermoon over Atlanta. It is also referred to as the pink super moon and is the biggest of 2020. This photo was taken from my terrace.

– Mary Reynolds

We’ve been enjoying a lovely spring here in Houston. On one of our walks, I spotted, or rather first smelled, this beautiful jasmine growing on a neighbor’s fence.  My neighborhood is in the city, but on our street, I always feel like I’m in the country.

– Catherine Villarreal 

postcard from Virginia

Looking into the Kibler Valley and beyond in Virginia, from the deck of our cabin. We are lucky to be able to spend time here, a short drive from our home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

– Roberts Bass

postcard of sunset

Sunset view from the back of our home in Brigantine, New Jersey.

– Suzanne Fluhr

postcard from Pass Christian, MS

I am isolated at my beach house in The Pass, but beach walks now have been curtailed. 

I spend time in this swing hanging from the Donna Oak, the 500-year-old oak tree in my front yard in Pass Christian.

-Betsie Gambel

postcard from Phoenix Arizona

My dad wanted to show me his favorite view. I had no idea this existed in metro Phoenix. These are the Superstition Mountains, and the lake in the distance and then up close is Canyon Lake. Lichen like to live on porous volcanic rock, so it’s as if Jackson Pollack was let loose with a few million buckets of chartreuse paint.

– Keridwen Cornelius

postcard from Michigan

I’m lucky to have a house across the street from this Suttons Bay (Michigan) village park. The town recently closed the boat launch and that’s left just natural beauty and the sounds of life in the red-winged blackbirds squawking territorial calls, Canada geese floating near the launch and the occasional seagull. Life goes on . . . 

– Kim Schneider

From my West Volusia County, FL, home away from home these days. Thankful to be spending this time in such a gorgeous area with St. Johns River sunsets just at the end of the road, where social distancing from people means connecting with “the locals.”  #wishyouwerehere #sixfeetaway

– Ruth Sykes

On my morning run, my neighbor wants to know what I am looking at and whether she can eat it.

I always carry my iPhone with me. You never know what you are going to see when out for a run and it provides me the perfect excuse to stop. 

– Ray Abbott

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