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We Aren’t Running Marathons at Home. But These Things Help Us Sleep, Exercise, Stay Sane

by Jan Schroder
women under weighted blankets

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A Chinese man ran an ultra marathon in his tiny apartment during the quarantine, clocking 66 kilometers in under seven hours. I can’t match that, but I am riding a stationary bike five miles and  meeting my Fitbit goals daily to try and stay in shape.

In addition to getting your own stationary bike and other exercise equipment, we have suggestions for items that can help you lower anxiety, sleep better and maintain your sanity while at home.

If money is a concern, think about taking a walk, running up stairs in your house and downloading the meditation app Headspace.

Get Exercise at Home

girl doing hula hoop

Remember how fun hula hoops were? They can also give you a great workout while toning your abs. I taught myself how to hula hoop a few years back and find a quick session makes a good break from work. This weighted hula hoop gives you a bit more resistance. $30.99.

I ride my stationary bike every morning while reading the local paper on my iPad. While you can spend thousands on one, this folding upright bicycle is only $149.

If you have a good space to do so, jumping rope is one of the best exercises you can do. This jump rope is adjustable for men, women and children. $24.98.

I gave my son a kettlebell for Christmas and he loves it. Let me tell you how fun wrapping a 35-pound box was. Pick which of these kettlebells is the right size and color for you.

Grab yourself one of these yoga mats and find an online workout to stretch and pose at home.

Another way to build and keep muscles is by using resistance bands.

Cut Out That Noise!


noise machine

We discovered our cute Airbnb in San Antonio was super close to trains that ran all night, blowing their whistle at high volume. Fortunately we had a noise machine to block it out. This noise machine from Homedics is portable and small enough to take with you on the road. $16.99.

 I take my Bose noise cancelling headphones on every flight and they are awesome to reduce noise levels at home if needed ($194.90). These Cowin E7 headphones are highly rated and an affordable option at just $59.99.

My husband likes to have the news on. All. Day. And I can’t stand it. While it may lower his anxiety level, it increases mine. Thank goodness he uses his Apple AirPods when I’m in the room so I don’t have to listen. $129.

Lower Your Anxiety Levels

adult coloring set

Color your stress away. No one cares if you stay between the lines.

Coloring books for adults became a big thing a few years ago and what better time than now to see if it works for you to relieve stress? This Adult Coloring Book set has more than 120 images. $24.97.

I swear I’ve slept better since I got a weighted blanket. The first one I got was too heavy and increased my anxiety because I felt trapped! Now I have one that’s only 7 pounds, which is meant for children, but it works for me.

I haven’t tried one but lots of people swear by an acupressure mat for muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and pain relief. This top-rated mat and pillow is just $19.99 and comes in eight colors.

These gel face masks are good for relieving tensions, proving heat or cold therapy.

I rediscovered a love of jigsaw puzzles a few years ago when I started getting them made from group photos we took on trips for the next get-together. I find them relaxing and a good stress reducer. I loved these: Rocky Mountain National Park, ($49.99); Cinque Terra, Italy, ($13.99) and this one of Sedona, Arizona. $39.60.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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