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Toronto Treat: An Evening of Spa and French Cuisine at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

by Jan Schroder
couples room Spa at Four Seasons Toronto

Snuggled into the satiny sheets of my treatment table, I eagerly awaited the next sweet-smelling potion my esthetician would massage onto my face. I was experiencing the Elemental Facial at the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto — and I was in spa treatment heaven.

Recently, I. Read on to find out why you should treat yourself to a little luxury at Four Seasons the next time you’re in Toronto.

From the moment I arrived, this spa dazzled me. It’s massive and takes up the entire ninth floor, with ample showering and changing areas.

I’m a sucker for a nice relaxation room with comfy chaise lounges and blankets, and this property offers up multiple spots where you can snuggle in with a good book and tune out the outside world. I was also impressed that the spa carries fresh juice options from the Toronto company, Greenhouse Juices. Choices include Cranberry Kombucha and Fiery Ginger.

When I arrived, I was shown to the changing area and donned the customary spa uniform of robe and sandals. Then, I made myself at home in what I considered the pre-relaxation relaxation area where I enjoyed a cup of tea (if you like milk, just ask, and an attendant will bring some) and a few of the light snack bites, which included a yummy, but healthy, cranberry crumble, and a vegan sweet and seeded bar bite.

I did enjoy the steam room for a bit. (FYI, there’s also a gorgeous indoor pool.) And before I knew it, it was time to head to the “real” relaxation room, complete with curvy chaise lounges and snuggly blankets, to meet my esthetician.

She retrieved me right on time, and escorted me to a beautiful, dimly lit treatment room. After asking about my skin needs, she departed so that I could cozy into the warmed table. The 60-minute Elemental Facial is inspired by Canada’s natural elements, such as gold and silver, and entailed cleansing, extractions (not fun, but entirely necessary), and plenty of moisturizing for my constantly dried out skin.

Post-treatment, my esthetician guided me back to the relaxation room where I tuned out the world for a while longer. Then, I wandered back into the pre-relaxation area to take advantage of the gratitude jar — where I could leave a little card that expressed gratitude for something in my life (which I thought was a fabulous idea).


The changing room at the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto. (Photo by Amelia Pavlik)

My stomach was starting to growl as I took advantage of the rainforest showers and used the spa beauty products to get dolled up for dinner. Before I knew it, it was time to head down to the second floor for drinks and dinner at Café Boulud.

Café Boulud is part of the Daniel Boulod empire of dining destinations around the world, and he is hands on with the space, coming to visit as often as he can.

When I arrived, I was escorted to a cozy table straight out of a Parisian café and decided to kick things off with a gin-based cocktail — the Clover Club — that was almost too pretty to drink. What followed was a series of beautiful bites (accompanied by a few glasses of sancerre) that made me feel as if I’d hopped across the pond without ever even setting foot on a plane.

To start, there were oysters with a tantalizingly tart mignonette. Then, I followed it up with classics like the rotisserie half chicken, pomme allumettes (fries), and grilled asparagus.

And the grand finale? Coulant au Chocolat, which was a beautiful plate of vanilla ice cream, chocolate molten cake, and caramel sauce. A sweet end to my Four Seasons-style Toronto treat.

– Amelia Pavlik, The Fit & Well Atlanta Belle

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