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Dance Among Butterflies at Sweet Berry Farm

by Heide Brandes
butteryfly at Sweet Berry Farm

As I walked through a field of 22,000 zinnia plants at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas, butterflies of all colors swooped and floated around me.

For $3, visitors pick zinnia blooms in dazzling colors or six-foot-high sunflowers at this farm that has hayrides, fall and spring festivals and baby goats.

When the blooms are on display, the butterflies steal the show. Yellow and black swallowtails, regal monarchs, the sunshine-colored sulphurs and the sky-blue gossamer wing butterflies waltz among the zinnias, making Sweet Berry Farm the perfect location for butterfly enthusiasts to dance along.

–  Heide Brandes is an award-winning journalist and editor with more than 18 years of experience who started her own freelance writing company in October 2012. 

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