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Travel Poll: How Do You Travel? Solo, Group, With a Pal?

by Jan Schroder

You prefer being on your own schedule and you’ve perfected your selfie, so solo travel is the way to go for you. Or maybe for you, the more the merrier. Or perhaps you’ve found only one person you care to travel with. Take our new travel poll and let us know!

For our last poll we asked how you rent a car when you travel. Here are the results:

-Through a large well-known rental car company. They’re consistent and dependable. 67%
-Through the Turo app. I love renting interesting cars. 8%
-Rent a car? I Uber/Lyft everywhere. 25%

The Travel 100 staff

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1 comment

Misbah August 28, 2019 - 9:16 am

I chose together with friends, what do you think?


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