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Wishing You Joy for the Holidays

by Jan Schroder
Catherine Villarreal, Chris Butsch, Jan Schroder in Christmas photo

The holidays will look a lot different for many of us this year. Rather than gathering around a table with loved ones, we will be gathered around a screen.

We won’t go to the usual Christmas parties and gatherings or attend the festive Schroder family Christmas Day dinner.  It’s possible my daughter and her husband may not be able to safely travel to spend Christmas with us.

I’ll try not to think of all the things we’re missing this year and be happy we are all safe and healthy. And if I get a little down I’ll look at photos from last year when my children surprised me with a Christmas photo shoot.

Laden with costume changes, we drove to a photo studio and posed and giggled our way through a series of increasingly ridiculous shots utilizing just about every holiday-themed prop available.

For Christmas my kids gave me a print of the last photo. I opted not to make it our Christmas card photo. 

 We wish you all a joyous, holiday season with hopes we can all safely travel again in 2021.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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