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A Tale of Canterbury England

by Mary Charlebois
desk at house of Agnes

In front, House of Agnes is bordered by a busy street. The 13th-century building was Agnes Wickfield’s home in David Copperfield. Inside, the breakfast room, narrow halls, and twisted stairs were captivating.

Through the back door were a garden, lounge chairs, picnic table and gazebo. Over the kitchen, my pastel floral-and-white room overlooked the green.

The rain I’d fought all day plink, plinked on the slate roof. A short nap on the daybed and cup of tea later, I worked at the desk under the skylight until the rain stopped. Canterbury and the Cathedral would wait till tomorrow.

Mary Charlebois is a freelance journalist and photographer based in coastal Northern California. No matter where she’s wandering, she digs in, getting to know people, history, food, and art.

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