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Luxury Glamping, Wine Tasting on the Sonoma Serengeti

by Jan Schroder
giraffe at Safari West in Sonoma County

As the sun sets, bird calls, monkey howls and flamingo chatter diminish. Through the woods, atop wooden decks, canvas tents have an amber glow. These glamping tents, imported from Botswana, have private viewing decks, en-suite bathrooms, hardwood floors, luxurious bedding, heaters and heated blankets.

Tours in double-decker jeeps offer sightings of giraffe, zebra, gazelle, rhino, antelope, monkeys, cheetahs and thousands of exotic birds. The Rhinos and Winos Tour includes an al fresco Sonoma County wine and cheese tasting.

Sonoma Counties’ family-friendly Safari West is a wildlife preserve, promoting conservation, education, and breeding programs for endangered African Wildlife. [Take a video tour of the Sonoma Serengeti]

Mary Charlebois

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