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My Life-Changing Hair-Raising Experience in Turkey

by Chris Schroder
Chris Schroder and Kevin serani at the Grand Bazaar in Turkey

“You need to come to Istanbul with me,” my barber, Kevin, would tell me during haircuts of my mostly bald head. “I will take you to a famous doctor.  He can move your hair follicles from the side and put them on top and you’ll have a full head of hair again!”

Every time I said no. Until one day I didn’t. After much research and reflection, I traveled to Istanbul in 2019 with Kevin and my brother Mike.

Despite most everyone’s skepticism, I now have a full head of hair and wrote a book about my journey, Headscape.

Order  Headscape: How a bald man replanted his hair and restarted his life

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies

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1 comment

Lisa July 6, 2022 - 4:32 pm

I’m really curious about your book! I am going to order asap. Very interesting story. Moreover in Istanbul. Looks great.


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