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We Use This All-Natural Travel Mist to Kill Bacteria on Flights

by Jan Schroder
travel items with PlaneAire Travel Mist

I recently added an item to my list of things I will always take when I travel: PlaneAire Travel Mist. This 2-ounce air purifying travel mist kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria. It is made with 100% pure certified organic essential oils so you don’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals.

No fragrance is added to PlaneAire – the nice smell comes from the essential oils and natural fruit acids. Lysol spray, I love you, but your smell is too strong to take on a plane with me.

It used to be my main concern when traveling by plane was the possibility of catching a cold. Now we’ve all been faced with something so much more deadly and air travel may not be the same for many years. In addition to the requirement by many major airlines for passengers to now wear face masks when traveling, we will all be hyper aware of sanitizing the areas around us.

I don’t worry about germs when I check in using a kiosk, go through TSA or ride the train in the airport. And that’s after riding the airport shuttle from the parking lot to get there.

Oh, I know I’m picking bacteria up by the millions on every one of those surfaces. I fly out of the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, which during normal times, sees 300,000 people pass through its terminals. 

Because of that,  I’ve trained myself to consider my hands as giant germ bombs and touch nothing until I can go to the restroom and wash them vigorously. 

But once you’re on the plane and strapped into your seat, you’re not always as free to move around. I take wipes with me as I don’t like sanitizer, but they aren’t as effective on some areas. While PlaneAire was not created as a hand sanitizer it is safe to use it on your hands.

The dirtiest surfacess around your seat include the tray table, seatbelt, seat pockets and armrests. And if you have a screen on the seatback in front of you, it’s filled with germs too.  The beauty of a mist is that you can just spray these surfaces and feel more protected. 

Where else can I use the travel mist?

I also use the mist in my hotel rooms, particularly the areas I know can contain the highest bacteria. It’s so easy to spray and then my room smells nice.

Where Do I Buy PlaneAire Travel Mist?

Previously available on Amazon, it appears now the only place to buy this flight spray product is on the PlaneAire website where it sells for $14.99. The shelf life is 24 months so you can stock up to make sure you don’t run out. Yes, it’s a TSA-approved size and one bottle will last approximately 450 sprays.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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