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London Calling: An Evening at the History-Infused Bloomsbury Hotel

by Jan Schroder
Coral Room Bloomsbury Hotel London

Drip, drop. Thankfully, the famous London rain had waited until I was safely in my room at The Bloomsbury Hotel to fall. And as I gazed out my window over the rooftops, I couldn’t imagine a better place to wait out the storm.

Last year, my godmother and I popped into The Bloomsbury for a nightcap, and I vowed to properly check out the property on my next overnight stay. Then, a few months ago, the opportunity to stop over in London on the way home from a trip to Prague presented itself — and I promptly booked a room at this Doyle Collection property.

The next time you’re visiting London Town, here’s why you should consider booking The Bloomsbury:

History. I minored in British history in college. So, I’m a sucker for everything from Elizabeth I to how to properly take your tea. As the name implies, this property (which dates back to 1928) is smack in the middle of London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood, which was once home to the Bloomsbury Set.

During the first half of the 20th century, this circle of friends scandalized Edwardian society with their lovers, affairs and illegitimate children. The group included artists, writers, intellectuals and nobility like Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes. The hotel uses this connection as inspiration for details throughout the hotel including the art that decorates the walls, the books you can peruse, and even the coasters in The Bloomsbury Club Bar which read, “They lived in squares, They loved in triangles.”

Location. That’s one of the first travel lessons my godmother taught me. “Look for hotels that are centrally located to the things you want to see,” she said. “It’s great to take a bus or subway, but it’s better to walk if you can.” And this is what I always have in mind when I book a hotel.

In this area, The Bloomsbury definitely delivers. It’s a few blocks from the British Museum, and in minutes, you can walk to the Soho neighborhood, Covent Garden, and Trafalgar Square.

room at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London

Housed in a 1928 building, The Bloomsbury has 153 guestrooms, a restaurant and two loungees.

Rooms. Based on the vibe in The Bloomsbury Club Bar where my godmother and I enjoyed our nightcaps, I had the feeling this hotel was the kind of property that would be the perfect balance of cheeky and cozy that makes me feel at home. When I entered my room, I immediately loved the view. Plus, the attention to detail is spot on.

For example, the bathroom floors are heated, there is a stock of biscuits (cookies in U.S. speak) and a tea kettle and a cozy, cloud-like bed that was perfect after a day of travel. More nods to the neighborhoods’ artistic history includee a bookmark and various guides regarding those who once walked the streets.

Sips and bites. Sexy. That’s the only way to describe the food and drink options at The Bloomsbury. First off, you have the glitzy Coral Room with its 1920s look and bold coral-colored walls. This is where I grabbed dinner the evening I visited. I opted for bites that included grilled asparagus with hollandaise, short rib sliders, and truffle and parmesan fries, and washed it all down with a Thyme, Gentleman, Peas, gin-based cocktail.

Then, I returned to the scene of my first experience at the hotel (The Bloomsbury Club Bar). Surrounded by dark wood and a brassy 1920s-esque bar, I settled into my lush emerald velvet chair with a Virginia Woolf cocktail to listen to a little live jazz.

– Amelia Pavlik, The Fit & Well Atlanta Belle 

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