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A stay at Sonesta Redondo Beach and Marina 

by Jan Schroder
view of Redondo Beach

Living in Palm Springs and appreciating the 350 days of sunshine a year never gets old. However, a change of scenery is occasionally needed to remind us of what we have and why we choose to live here.  So I was delighted when the Sonesta Redondo Beach and Marina asked me to come and experience their resort.

Redondo Beach is about 45 minutes south of the Los Angeles International Airport. Because of its location, you have to strategically plan departure times to avoid the influx of people heading to work in the area. Redondo Beach is 120 miles from Palm Springs, and if you’re lucky, it should take two hours.  

Accommodations at the Sonesta Redondo Beach Marina 

A room at Sonesta Redondo Beach.

The hotel is designed in a U-shape to maximize the number of rooms with an ocean view. I suggest you wear good walking shoes, since the bank of elevators is on one side of the resort and you may have a long walk to your room.  

My sixth-floor room had a beautiful view from the patio, complete with chairs and a table. I immediately envisioned having coffee there, hoping to see whales breach in the distance. Every amenity I would need for my visit was provided, including a refrigerator, which I utilized more than I thought during my three-day visit.  

Near the elevators was a Grab-and-Go room. After I used my room key to enter, I found several snacks, including breakfast items such as yogurt and fabulous biscottis that were superb with my morning coffee.  

Exploring the Hotel 

The pool at Sonesta Redondo Beach.

The art throughout the resort has a beach theme. Beautiful ocean-themed photos graced the walls of the meeting rooms and our hotel rooms. The main ballroom had custom-designed chandeliers, which adds to the unique setting for retreats and meetings.  

If you play tennis, you can challenge your teammate on one of the well-maintained courts. Nearby is the inviting pool area with plenty of lounge chairs. Directly beside the pool is an open area with an ocean view that serves as a venue for weddings or cocktail parties.  

We commented to other guests on how friendly and ready to serve the staff was when we had a request. During the tour, I may have discovered why the staff was so content. The resort has a calming room for employees. The ceiling was lowered with draped fabric. Soft music played in the background, and a soothing water feature provided the perfect background. We tiptoed in and out; a couple of employees were stretched out in lounge chairs, chilling from their challenging days. 

Lunch Time at the Harbor Bar and Bistro 

With the hunger bug raising its head, I headed to the dining area near the entrance to the resort. I chose to sit at the bar but there was also a lounge area where a table could easily hold your food and your computer if you had to work.

I learned the locals come here for both food and to chat with the bartender. He knew them by name and made everyone feel special. My large BBQ pork sandwich was superb.  

Exploring Redondo Beach

The Redondo Beach Pier.

I headed out to explore the area on foot and found numerous shops and restaurants. About four blocks away, the Redondo Beach Pier loomed large. I made a wrong turn and ended up in the well-designed office and retail area on a level above the pier entrance. I marveled at how the mixed-used area even included some housing.  

I found an elevator and took it down to the Redondo Beach Pier level. I headed to the end of the pier first, where fishermen were catching their dinner. Shops on the pier sold beach clothing, surf equipment, and souvenirs. Restaurants offer several types of ethnic fare and include Tony’s on the Pier, which has been serving seafood since 1952,

Dinner at Sonesta Beach

The entrance to SOL. (Photo by Kathy Condon)

I headed to the SOL, located right outside the resort’s entrance. It may be an oxymoron, but the interior was both rustic and classy. The long picnic-like tables were set for four, with fresh flowers gracing the elegantly set tables.  

The restaurant serves innovative American/Asian cuisine under Executive Sous Chef Hayato Yanai. I ordered walnut shrimp that arrived on a small charcuterie board.  

I chose to have an Espresso Martini for dessert, one of the best I have ever had.  

Feeling rejuvenated from the fresh ocean air and brilliant sunshine, the next dayI headed home with a smile. It had been a wonderful adventure where I learned about one of the beaches easily accessible from Palm Springs and Los Angeles.  

– Kathy Condon

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