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Carry On, My Friends. Or Not? Which Camp Are You In?

by Jan Schroder

It’s a divisive issue: carry-on or check your luggage? Travel expert Peter Greenberg says, “There are two kinds of airline bags — carry-on and lost.” Charles McCool of McCool Travel is also firmly in the carry-on only camp, with “8 Great Reasons to Join the Carry-on Club.”

But many people prefer to check their luggage as they don’t want the hassle of packing toiletries in small containers, dragging their suitcase through the airport, dealing with it during connecting flights and scrambling to find overhead space when they board the plane.

Here’s the results from The Travel 100 reader poll. We had a tie for the top two answers.

• Check-in for me. I can carry human-size toiletries and don’t have to worry about finding space in the overhead. 34 percent
• I always carry-on. Who wants to risk the airlines losing my bag or wait for it at my destination? 21 percent

If you are one of the more than 74 percent  who will check a bag, you’ll want to see our choice for a new carry-on bag, which cost less than $60. That’s a great deal and especially welcome if the entire family needs a new bag.

– The Travel 100 staff

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