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How treehouse stays can boost your health and wellness

by Jan Schroder
treehouse in the forsest

If you enjoy traveling off the beaten path and you equate true relaxation with being in the midst of nature, then your curiosity may be piqued by treehouse stays.

From Ohio to Africa, there are a myriad of treehouse accommodations ranging from affordable to ultra-luxurious – a sure indicator that the demand for nature stays has boomed considerably since 2020.

Imagine sleeping in a treehouse surrounded by graceful palms in Negril, Jamaica, or watching the golden display of leaves in the fall in Glenmont, Ohio. There truly is a home for everyone – and if you thought a treehouse stay was simply about medication or reading a good book, think again! Treehouse stays can be as adventurous as they are good for the body, mind, and spirit.

Benefit of forest bathing

photo of a tree with sunlight behind it
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

What was once a small movement that began in Japan is now a global phenomenon owing to the myriad of studies pointing to its benefits. Forest bathing – or shinri-yoku in Japanese – is a simple, affordable hobby that involves visiting a green or blue area and opening your senses to your surroundings.

Studies have shown that nature immersion experience boosts positive emotions, reduces overthinking, and enhances compassion, the connection with nature, and heart rate variability.

This is why architects and landscaping designers the world over are giving life to everything from sensory/aromatic gardens to windowsill container gardens in public places like offices, malls, and stores.

Being outdoors is also a powerful way to nip stress in the bud. Treehouse stays tap into these benefits, only at a far deeper level, since they don’t involve a short visit, but rather, full immersion. 

Embracing reasoned risk

If you have children, then taking them on a treehouse vacation will be the adventure of a lifetime. It will spark the imagination of your tiny Robinson Crusoe, while also bestowing a plethora of scientifically proven benefits. One study undertaken at the University of Phoenix on children aged three to thirteen found that children who are given the opportunity to take part in risky play such as tree climbing grew physically, emotionally, cognitively, creatively and socially. What’s more, they showed increased resiliency.

If you’ve heard of the growth mindset, then you know that it empowers one to see failure and mistakes as growth opportunities. Because tree climbing is new and challenging for many kids, it is a wonderful way to show them that a “can do” attitude is vital if they wish to attain their goals.

Connecting with your inner child

A trending topic in the world of mental health care is inner child work – a concept first proposed by Carl Jung after he tapped into his own child-like inner feelings and emotions.

Jung proposed that when one’s inner child is suppressed, the result can be poor emotional regulation, unhappiness and anxiety. Our inner child is first wounded when we are not allowed to have opinions, discouraged for being playful and not given enough affection.

Inner child work is centered on acknowledging your inner child and practicing self-compassion, as well as identifying emotional triggers. However, part of this therapy involves making time for play, doing the things you loved as a child and being out in nature.

Staying in a treehouse is an ideal way to tap into your inner adventurer and take part in a host of fun activities – from climbing trees to partaking in wildlife encounters, bird-watching and wild swimming. Many treehouses are located close to a host of beautiful features, ranging from waterfalls to lakes and rivers.

A quiet, private place

couple in tree house
Photo by Taryn Elliott

A treehouse can also be a top spot for couples or friends wishing to enjoy a little privacy or the peace and quiet they need to work on a creative project.

Science has shown that spending time in nature inspires a sense of awe and a feeling that the world is much bigger and more majestic than the human mind can sometimes comprehend. As such, it allows people to consider different perspectives and come up with innovative ideas.

Treehouse stays have powerful benefits that go way beyond novelty. They can help lower stress and boost the mood. They can also inspire creative thinking and help you connect with your inner child – the part of you that loves running, playing, and climbing trees in a lush green setting.

– Jennifer White

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