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Lightweight, portable kayak that even I can carry and unfold

by Jan Schroder
woman with Oru Kayak

We love kayaking, but transporting them was always an issue as we didn’t have large cars. And I’m way too lazy to blow up an inflatable one.

The Oru Kayak is the answer. This small origami-style kayak weighs only 17 pounds and folds up into a backpack that I can carry easily. I tried the Lake+ version, which comes with an attachable foot rest and gel seat cushion and is suitable for calm waters. Other versions for advanced paddlers on rivers and ocean are available.

See more photos and view our Instagram Reel of the Oru Kayak in action.

Jan Schroder, Editor-in-chief

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I admit the first time we unfolded it I stayed close to shore until I was sure we did it right and I wouldn’t sink into the lake.

This is how the kayak looks folded up, along with the backpack and my PFD. I really liked the life jacket because it has two front pockets where I can store my phone and other small items.

I’m standing on our dock in North Carolina with the folded up kayak in the backpack, ready to store it until the next time. And I can carry it all by myself.

You can see how easy it is to carry the Oru Kayak. (Image courtesy of Oru Kayak)
I got this image from Oru Kayak – isn’t it stunning? They also sell LED lights to put inside your kayak for nighttime paddling. I wonder what the fish think when they see this approaching. (Image courtesy of Oru Kayak)

It’s never too early to introduce the little ones to the joy of paddling on the water. (Image courtesy of Oru Kayak)

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