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It’s a Good Time to Take a Vacation From This Planet. Come Close By Staying in a Spaceship.

by Jan Schroder
Area 55 Futuro House

Remember when you were a child and fantasized about being an astronaut? Remember when you wished you could leave the planet several times during the past few months?

Live out both fantasies by staying in a spaceship. We found several that will give you that longed-for out-of-this-world experience.

The Area 55 Futuro House is on five acres in Joshua Tree, California, close to Joshua Tree National Park. The orange oval spaceship hovers over the ground and has an escape hatch on the roof.

We’ve got more spaceships in our story, including one that’s a treehouse and one on the beach.

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Apollo 11 Spaceship Airbnb in New Zealand.
The Apollo 11 Spaceship in New Zealand.

Apollo 11 Spaceship

Live out your astronaut fantasies by spending the night in the Apollo 11 capsule in Pukaki, New Zealand, with views of Mt. Cook. You may not be traveling in the stars but you can see them from the bed at night through the clear roof.

Spaceship House in Navarre Beach Florida
The Spaceship House in Navarre Beach, Florida.

Spaceship House on the Beach

Stay in this Spaceship House in Navarre Beach, Florida, that looks like it’s about to blast off the beach! The décor is something the Jetsons would happily settle into.

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Tiny House Airship in Scotland
Tiny House Airship in Scotland.

Tiny House Airship

This glass-sided Airship pod in Scotland has views of the Sound of Mull and was created by an architect and his wife. Guests have booked trips to Scotland just to stay here.

Flying Saucer Airbnb in United Kingdom
Flying Saucer in the United Kingdom.

Flying Saucer

Looks just like the flying saucers we drew as kids, right? This spaceship in South Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, has an escape hatch just in case the aliens come to take back their flying saucer.

UFO Treehouse in Sweden
UFO Treehouse in Sweden.

UFO Treehouse
Climb the stairs into this UFO treehouse in Treehotel in Sweden. To make it more realistic, it sways gently as it’s suspended on wires and beams in the forest. Just like floating in space, or so we imagine.

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