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Best Sandwiches on the Planet: Any at Caseficio Borderi

by Katy Severson
Caseficio Borderi

At the Saturday market in Syracuse, Italy, there’s one stall with a consistently long line: Caseificio Borderi, where a charming Sicilian man makes stunning, massive sandwiches to order.

I stood in line for 45 minutes, salivating as I watched him wrap prosciutto around baked ricotta and fresh-pulled mozzarella, squeeze Sicilian oranges over roughly chopped fennel, and occasionally swipe a little anchovy paste or quince jam onto the bread. Every sandwich is different depending on his mood. You can order from the menu, but don’t bother.

My advice: Let him do his thing. It’s worth the wait and then some.

Katy Severson is a freelance food & travel writer based out of carry-on suitcase. 



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