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2019 Hyundai Ioniq Breaks a Silly Trend Among Hybrids

by Jan Schroder

The Korean Prius instantly won my heart by dodging an automotive pet peeve of mine.

In a bid for eco-supremacy, many manufacturers fit their hybrids with skinny “eco tires” for reduced rolling resistance. This leads to a 1-2 percent increase in MPG, but with obvious drawbacks. With less grip on the pavement, even hybrids touting themselves as “sporty” end up understeering like a shopping cart: especially disconcerting in the rain.

With regular ol’ 225s all around, the Ioniq is finally a well-balanced, well-handling hybrid that you can drive like a sporty sedan. Hyundai are on a roll (no pun intended).

Chris Butsch, The Travel 100 car reviewer, has test driven hundreds of cars. He is a member of GAAMA, the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association.

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