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Mercedes-Benz’s new “Hyperscreen” will blow your mind

by Chris Butsch
mercedes benz hyperscreen

Last month I drove four new electrified Mercedes-Benz’s: the dignified EQS 580 sedan, the plush EQS 580 SUV, the midrange EQE sedan, and the spicy EQS AMG. While they all proved quick, comfy and competent like an upmarket EV should, Merc’s “killer app” in the crowded EV world is the Hyperscreen.

With 24 gigs of RAM, this 56″ infotainment screen responds instantly and enables passengers to control nav, mood lighting and massaging seats. Framed by aluminum and alcantara, it’s a stunning, must-have feature for EQS shoppers.

Let your copilot worry about range and nav while you enjoy that AMG torque!

Chris Butsch, Contributor

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