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2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Converted Non-Truck Lover

by Chris Butsch
toyota tacoma

Two of my closest buddies drive Tacomas, and until now, I didn’t quite understand the appeal. Trucks are pricey, thirsty and handle like a tipsy boar.

But the plucky Tacoma only needed one week to convert me to truckdom. First, I felt safe in it – drivers on I-20 didn’t tailgate the Taco like they do the Miata. Second, taking the Tacoma offroad was more fun than slinging a Corvette around a track.

By the time I drove the “Taco” to a volunteer event, bed full of supplies, I was totally converted. More than a truck, the Tacoma is a proselytizer.

Chris Butsch, car reviewer for The Travel 100

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